Want Free TV? Get It With This HDTV Antenna

HD Antenna TV 1byone indoor
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* HDTV antenna to pick up all your local programs for free
* Enjoy range of news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports programming without a monthly fee
* Includes digital amplifier to create a 50 mile range

Say goodbye to painful monthly TV bills and enjoy a wide range of HD channels for free. After the initial purchase cost of the 1byone HDTV antenna, you’ll never have to pay a penny whilst enjoying your locally and nationally free-to-view broadcast channels.

Attaching directly into your HDTV or through a set-top box, this slim and lightweight antenna remains out of sight, whether you hide it upright behind the TV screen, lay it flat on a bookshelf or even attach it high up on your external windows (it’s moisture and sun resistant).

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The antenna also comes with a detachable amplifier to ensure you maximize the number of incoming channels.

If you are worried about awkward antenna position, rest easy. The 10-foot cable means you have plenty of freedom to choose the best positioning for the HD antenna. You can also choose to power the antenna using either a power outlet or one of your TV’s USB ports.

If you are still unsure over the advantages of this broadcast-ready antenna, just give it a try. This 1byone product includes a full refund guarantee within 30 days of purchase if you’re not satisfied.

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