Type Cased: The 7 Best Keyboard Cases for Your iPad or iPad Pro

* Keep your devices safe with a sturdy iPad case
* Built-in detachable keyboards make it easy to type on the go
* Choose from different brands, sizes and styles

Tablets sure make life easier. They’re super light, easy to use and are now available in a range of different makes and models.

But what’s the one thing they lack? You guessed it: keyboards. Fortunately, these classy cases not only keep your iPad safe, they also offer their own built-in detachable keyboard. Type easier while keeping your devices extra secure with these 7 tablet cases.

1. Poweradd iPad Air Keyboard and Leather Cover

This comfy keyboard case pairs with the iPad Air & Air 2 to provide an easier way to type. The durable, vegan-friendly synthetic leather case helps keep your iPad safe from bumps and shocks, while the built-in lithium-ion battery provides more than 72 hours of continuous power. Did we mention this case also includes an adjustable stand?

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2. Poweradd iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case

This extra-thin iPad 2 case includes a detachable Bluetooth keyboard and a durable leather case. With a range of up to 33 feet, the magnetic keyboard is great to have in your laptop bag in a pinch. The built-in rechargeable battery is able to offer up to 60 hours of continuous power.

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3. COO iPad 9.7 Keyboard Case

Designed exclusively for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, this case features a high-quality leather build and a soft microfiber interior to help prevent scratches and other superficial marks. It also includes a removable keyboard and built-in magnetic clips to help open and close with ease.

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4. Snugg Rotatable Keyboard Case for iPad Mini

Made for iPad Minis, this extra portable case features a 360-degree rotatable stand and multi-angle adjustments to meet your specific needs. It also comes with a sleek wireless keyboard and a smart PC case to help keep your Mini safe and snug.

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5. GreenLaw iPad Case With Keyboard

Compatible with all iPad 9.7 models, this case/keyboard combo is available in two beautiful colors and offers an easier way to keep your device safe on the go. With seven backlight LED lights, three different brightness levels and a 360-degree rotating case, you’ll have no problem typing in tight (and dark) spaces.

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6. GreenLaw iPad Pro 10.5 Keyboard Case

This elegant iPad case was designed exclusively for the iPad 10.5, which means smaller models simply aren’t compatible. With seven backlit colored lights, 130-degree rotation and an auto sleep mode, this iPad keyboard case hits all the right notes.

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7. ZAGG Rugged Book Durable Case

This extra durable multi-layered iPad case comes packed with a backlit keyboard, magnetic-activated on and off functions and four multifunctional modes to help keep your iPad secure and easier to detach it from the keyboard.

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