Handy Stands: The 9 Best Laptop Stands for More Comfortable Computing

best laptop stands
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* Adjust your outlook on your laptop
* Options ranging from simple and elegant, to DJ-style
* Free standing laptop stands, too, helping unlock the health benefits of not-sitting

Laptops are great and all, but anyone who’s had to spend long hours working at one knows how fatiguing they can be. From stiff necks to carpal tunnel syndrome, there is no shortage of modern maladies looming in the cramped, hunched over positions the laptop and desk forces on many of today’s humans. To relieve that strain and help avoid the pitfalls of the laptop, here are 9 of the best laptop stands for more comfortable computing.

1. STANDapart Portable Travel Stand

This travel-friendly laptop stand is also height adjustable and lets you bring your laptop up to a level for comfortable, hunch-free computing on nearly any size desk.

stand apart laptop stand Courtesy Amazon


2. Pyle Pro DJ-style Laptop Stand

The DJ-style Pyle Pro Laptop stand is designed to help party DJs multitask by creating an easy, functional place for a laptop to sit amongst other equipment. It should work as well in the office as it does in the club, unlike your dance moves.

pyle pro laptop stand Courtesy Amazon


3. Amazon Basics Ventilated Stand

This ventilated stand is lightweight, easy to pack and adjustable for angle, so you can position your laptop more comfortably while keeping it cool.

adjustable ventilated stand Courtesy Amazon Amazon


4. Steklo Folding X-Stand

The adjustable and portable folding X-stand from Steklo is finished in a clean silver anodized finish to match your metal bodied Macbook, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. It also improves CPU cooling by boosting airflow.

x-stand for macbook Courtesy Amazon


5. Griffin Elevator Stand

The Griffin elevator stand is a sleek, simple and elegant piece of machinery. It lets you raise your laptop to desired heights without interfering with your overall desk aesthetic.

griffin elevator stand Courtesy Amazon


6. Limeno Cooling Stand

This LiMeno laptop stand uses a sleek aluminum panel to raise your laptop while at the same time helping to boost cooling, since the aluminum becomes an added heat sink.

limeno laptop stand Courtesy Amazon


7. Rain Design Laptop Stand

This laptop stand raises your computer to eye level at most tables and desks, helping to reduce back and neck strain. It also features aluminum heat sink construction and a handy cable organizer to keep your space clean and uncluttered.

rain design stand Courtesy Amazon Amazon


8. Vivo Swinging Arm Stand

The Vivo swinging desk-mountable arm stand clamps to your desk and is fully adjustable and articulateable. Great for artists, designers, engineers and anyone who has to glance at a laptop while keeping their desk free for other things, this arm can even “stand in” for some far costlier “standing desk” options.

vivo dual mount swing arm stand Courtesy Amazon


9. Samson Free Standing Laptop Stand

Think of this Samson laptop stand as a tripod for your laptop. Height adjustable, it lets you type while standing, something recent research suggests may have great health benefits.

samson laptop tripod stand Courtesy Amazon


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