This Might Be the Most Capable Laptop Under $200

A Rugged Travel Laptop Under $200
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* Optimized for Chrome
* Rugged design with spill-resistant keyboard
* 2.48 GHz Intel processor 

If you’re looking for a travel laptop that’s rugged, affordable and packs full-featured connectivity, the ASUS Chromebook is worth a serious look. It stands out among the current crop of PC laptops and notebooks as one of the most feature-rich and high-performance options starting under $200.

While the idea of a full-featured laptop computer for the price of a discounted tablet PC may raise eyebrows, we’ve found that ASUS doesn’t cut costs on the important things with the Chromebook laptop. The Chromebook is designed for traveling professionals, with a military-grade rugged design, a spill-resistant keyboard–great for coffee shop writers, bloggers and creatives on the go– and rubberized corner protection.

1 year
I love Chromebooks, but it seems disingenuous to put them in the same category as actual laptops....

1 year
I love Chromebooks, but it seems disingenuous to put them in the same category as actual laptops….

The Chromebook includes a free downloadable version of Microsoft Office Online and plenty of note-taking software that allows quick and easy editing of Google docs.

Optimized for Chrome and web-browsing as well, the Chromebook has a 2.48 GHz Intel processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM and 16 GB of flash storage. There’s no CD or DVD drive, but then, relying on externals for CDs and DVDs does seem to be the way of the future. As many professionals store documents online or on flash media, the lack of a CD drive is barely worth noting for most uses.

The ASUS Chromebook’s real ace-in-the-hole may be its low cost; a price of under $200, or, to put it in perspective, less than the replacement cost–with insurance–of a new Samsung smartphone or iPhone, makes it easy to justify this little notebook as a go-to writing tool.

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