Calling for Backup: 4 Best External Hard Drives for Never Losing Data Again

Best external hard drives
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* Save photos, videos, songs easily 
* With USB connectivity, store your media in one easy-to-find location
* Choose from different types of hard drives for Mac & Windows users

Tired of dealing with little-to-no room on your Mac or PC? An external hard drive offers a quick and easy way to add some storage space, making it easier to save more photos, more files and yes, more games. Not sure where to start? No prob. Here are our top picks for the best external hard drives on the market right now.

1. WD 2TB Red My Passport Portable (for Windows)

As one of the highest-rated external hard drives on Amazon, the Passport’s sleek look only helps to highlight how versatile this drive really is. With 256-bit AES encryption and a password-protected interface, this hard drive is ideal for storing photos, music and videos. Built-in WD backup software also keeps your system safe by automatically backing up all your data. Though this one is meant for Windows users, Mac versions are also available.

passport external hd



2. Seagate Expansion (for Windows)

Meant specifically for Windows systems, the Seagate EHD includes a high-speed USB and offers a quick and easy solution to save and backup your files. No installation or configuration is required. Choose from 1 to 4 TB of storage.

seagate expansion



3. DREVO P1 (for Windows)

This ultra-thin hard drive offers tons of storage wrapped up in a tight little package. With transfer speeds up to 5Gbps, you’re able to cut down on loading times and enjoy extra storage easily and securely. The aluminum casing helps keep your data extra safe, making this an excellent hard drive for users on the go.

drevo p1 hd


4. CalDigit Tuff (for Mac)

This powerful hard drive is dust and water resistant, and was built to withstand high-impact drops. Great for when you need a lot of extra room, the Tuff offers transfer speeds up to 130Mb/s. This hard drive is specifically designed for Mac users, though Windows people can also use it by reformatting the software (directions are included).

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