Daily Deal: These Wooden Earbuds Were $100 and Are On-Sale for $15

Wooden Bluetooth Earbuds
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* 86% off original price of $99.99 — now only $14.99
* Compatible with most Bluetooth gear
* Comes with custom ear tips and carrying pouch

If you’re looking for some great headphones that second as a style statement, consider the Wooden Bluetooth Earbuds from Symphonized.

Originally priced at $99.99, Amazon has knocked 86% off the ticket, bringing them down to only $14.99. That sounds pretty sweet (pun intended).

Natural wood housing creates superior bass response and acoustic performance. They come with three sizes (S/M/L) of custom comfortable silicone ear tips, plus an eco-friendly carrying pouch. These earbuds are designed for the latest generations of iPod, iPhone and iPad, but they also work with all Androids, tablets, MP3 players, and related Bluetooth devices.

With its unique acoustic properties, wood has always played a crucial role in music – think wooden instruments or the presence of wood in famous concert halls around the world. Many speakers also use wood to help amplify and improve sound quality. In addition to great sound, all Symphonized products are assembled by hand and meticulously tested, ensuring every device is always strong, durable and ready to rock.

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