Man Up With Man-PACK’s Solar-Powered Backpack

Solar Backpack
Image courtesy of Amazon
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* 7-watt energy-efficient solar cells are powered by sunlight
* A great backpack to bring with you on your outdoor adventures
* Scratch-proof coating combined with PVC plastic results in added durability

Upgrade your backpack with a solar pack. Man-PACK’s Apollo line of solar backpacks offers high-quality materials while doubling as a solar charger. 7-watt energy efficiency solar cells are powered by sunlight, letting you charge your phone, tablet or laptop on the go. And with storage capacity up to 35 liters, you’re able to fit more inside the pack without it feeling uncomfortable.

Ideal for hikes, climbs and other outdoor adventures, this weather-resistant pack includes a scratch-proof coating and PVC plastic for added durability. There’s also a hidden compartment that’s useful when storing your various electronics.

With cushioned shoulder straps and more compartments than you can shake a stick at, the Apollo combines functionality with comfort, creating a stellar backpack that also happens to act as a portable charger. Built with crystalline silicon, the solar panel itself is only a few centimeters long and actually helps accentuate the backpack’s rugged look.

Weighing just under two pounds, this portable pack offers a sizeable punch without having to sacrifice weight. It also includes bar tack stitches under a few common stress points to help keep your pack in tip-top condition no matter how rough the terrain gets.

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