Watch TV On-Command: Dish Network’s Voice Remote

Dish Network Voice Remote
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Channel surfing with a remote control is so last decade. If you’re tired of unsuccessfully aiming your remote at the TV or just prefer to keep your hands free for beer and popcorn, it’s time to speak up. This is the new Voice Remote from Dish Network.

Give your commands by utilizing the remote’s voice recognition technology. Simply hold down the button and tell your Dish-connected TV what you want (I.e. “Turn to HBO,” or “News”). You can also say “Record This” when you want to record the program you’re currently watching or even specify a command by actor – “Movies starring Tom Hanks” is always a good bet. Think of the Dish Voice Remote like Siri for your TV.

If you prefer doing it the old-school way, the Voice Remote is outfitted with a clickable touchpad that responds to swipe and scroll gestures. To make the remote even easier to use, the rest of its buttons are large, with symbols that are easy to read.

The Dish Voice Remote is especially great for folks who watch TV in the dark. Just press the “123” button to illuminate the touchpad, revealing digital buttons that allow you to go directly to the channel of your choice. What’s more, just pressing one button backlights the rest of them, making it easy to do what you need to do in a dark setting.

If you’re like us and constantly misplace your remote control, the Voice Remote is a godsend. Use the “locate remote” function to activate sounds and lights so that you can save yourself the hassle of searching. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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