Ethical Shopping Just Got Easier With the “Good On You” App

Good On You App
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* Good On You app now available in U.S. and Canada
* Ethical shopping app ranks over 3,000 retailers and brands
* App’s interface allows for direct contact to give feedback to brands

Ethical shopping is a growing concern and point of interest for many consumers in today’s market. While many ethical brands proudly flaunt their ethical practices (as they should), it can often be difficult to gauge how some of our favorite retailers and labels are manufacturing their goods due to lack of transparency. Good On You, an app that rates the ethical practices of over 3,000 retailers and brands, is now available to download for U.S. and Canada consumers.

The app was founded by Sandra Capponi in Australia back in 2015 and was an instant success, drawing in upwards of 35,000 users. The app rates each company or retailer’s level of ethical-sourcing and other practices, with attention to particular issues, including animal cruelty, labor regulations, fair trade and environmental concerns, just to name a few.

The app rates each company using a five star scoring system, accompanied by catchy tags lines including “not good enough,” “it’s a start,” and “great” as a way of reinforcing the necessity of changing the culture of mass consumption of production of goods. Users are also able to customize their settings according to the issues most important to them. For instance, the filtering mechanism in the app allows users to rank issues on a spectrum of “most important” and “less important,” to help yield more customized search results.

Good on You App

Another feature of this app, is the ability to let users contact brands and retailers to offer feedback, praise, or to raise concerns regarding their ethical practices (or lack thereof) directly through the app’s interface. The demand for greater transparency of ethical practices is what motivated the inception of this app. The app’s feedback mechanism is an appealing feature for consumers according to Good On You CEO Gordon Renouf. Renouf told Refinery 29 that the app aims to “translate everyday shoppers’ desire for a better world into real incentives for brands to address the issues their customers care about.”

This interactive approach to ethical consuming allows shoppers to make informed decisions about where they spend their money, but also allows them to feel as though they are participating in a form of activism — both in their personal shopping decisions and in their ability to raise questions and concerns to the companies directly.

In fact, Renoulf says that some companies and retailers have begun to re-examine their practices in response to customer feedback from Good On You users. You can download the free app here.