Modernity Made Easy: The Blue Prada Belt

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Break free from black & brown thinking with this blue Prada belt. Men’s accessories usually split between a black or brown belt with matching shoes. Office style for guys is already pretty limited, with a standard uniform of dress slacks and a button down shirt — sometimes with a tie. A blue belt adds a new tool to your kit, giving you lots of fresh choices from a single accessory.

A belt that blends makes you look sleek and smart. With a polished silver buckle and sophisticated cross-grain pattern, this Italian crafted belt gives you an instant upgrade. Create a clean waistline when you pair it with your favorite navy blue suit and black shoes. Even thought suits look smart, you don’t need a jacket to get the most from this belt. It also looks great with a pair of grey pants and a dress shirt.

Smart style can make the difference between closing deals and cleaning out your desk. Stay on your workwear A-game with a fresh mix of shoes and belts. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to make a fresh look on the daily.

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