Pièce de Résistance: Sterling Silver Combination Safe

The Combination Safe Money Bank by
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* Crafted from polished sterling silver
* Features a functioning dial, coin slot and wooden lacquered feet
* A luxury place to stash your cash

Your grandparents may have collected their spare change in an empty water cooler jug, but that doesn’t mean you should. After all, they probably smoked cigarettes and drove without a seat-belt, too.

If you need a place to stash your cash, consider the Combination Safe Money Bank by Asprey. Made from finely polished sterling silver, it looks just like a vintage combination safe, with a functioning dial mechanism and a coin slot at the base. The final touch, its beautiful wooden lacquered feet, secure its status as a statement piece for your home or office.

The safe measures just over 5 inches x 5 inches and is handmade in England. Based in the United Kingdom, Asprey was founded as a silk printing business by William Asprey in 1781. The business quickly grew into a luxury emporium, rapidly expanding over the next century.

They acquired the award-winning dress maker Edwards in 1859, and with it, a Royal Warrant. Holding a Royal Warrant permits companies to advertise that they supply goods to the British Royal Family.

Throughout the 20th Century, Asprey continued to acquire manufacturing facilities, as well as to hire metalworkers, jewelers and watchmakers. Of its portfolio of modern products, Asprey is most noted for its cigarette cases, travel clocks, safety razors and automatic pencil sharpeners. In other words, this silver safe is a true, luxurious standout.

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