Cut Your Laundry Time in Half With These Wool Dryer Balls

Parachute's Wool Dryer Balls Will Last
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* Made from 100 percent all-natural New Zealand wool
* Cuts drying time by up to half
* Good for two to five years of use

The average American family runs six to seven and a half loads of laundry a week, which amounts to 30 loads per month. Do the math and you’re probably spending anywhere from $25 and up a year just on dryer sheets alone, not to mention all the newfangled fabric softeners and toys for your drying cycle. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but what if we told you that you need to only spend $19 every two to five years? Or that you could also cut your drying time in half? With Parachute’s wool dryer balls you’ll not only save time, but money too.

Dryer balls have been available for quite some time. You might have even tried them in the past. They tend to come in two varieties: wool or plastic. They both get the job done, but there are some inherent characteristics of the wool balls that make them universally superior.

For starters, Parachute’s wool balls are made from 100 percent New Zealand wool that’s all-natural, hypoallergenic, chemical free and non-toxic. They also prevent static cling by keeping your clothes from rubbing against each other, which also keeps wrinkles at bay and cuts drying time down by up to fifty percent. Not only that, but the wool helps keep your clothes from drying out, by absorbing moisture from your clothes and releasing it back into the air.

An eco-conscious alternative, Parachute’s set of three wool dryer balls comes packaged in a muslin bag and are the perfect alternative to your landfill destined traditional dryer sheets. For only $19, you won’t have to think about dryer sheets for at least one thousand cycles.

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