Send a Little Sweetness With an Oregon Honey Gift Set

Oregon honey gift set Bee Local
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* Two jars of delicious Oregon honey in a signature gift box
* Harvested from local hives in Portland and Willamette Valley
* Presented with a smooth olive wood honey dipper

Enjoy the sweet delights of liquid gold with this delicious two jar set of raw Oregon honey. Straight from the hive in Willamette Valley and the lively farmland close to Mt. Hood, this lovingly arranged set offers you a taste of single origin honey.

The products included in this gift set are of superb quality. The honey itself is raw and gently filtered. In this way, the flavor is preserved, the product retains as much pollen as possible and, therefore, the golden sweetener maintains the health benefits raw honey is known for (mineral-rich and calming).

Included in the gift box is a supple olive wood honey dipper to make getting the honey a bit easier and a bit more traditional. There will be no Winnie the Pooh moments here.

Each jar of honey included in the set has been specially chosen for its delicious and unique tastes. Both of the selected honeys are produced by Bee Local, a transparent and small-batch company utilizing sustainable beekeeping practices.

The first jar comes from hives in the northern portion of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, arguably the most fertile region. Perhaps you’re already aware of the numerous vineyards, hops fields and berry farms that take advantage of the region’s soil. This honey presents a robust and complex flavor which truly captures the magic of the valley itself.

Your second jar of golden delight is sourced from the farmland area near Mt. Hood in Portland. An outstanding honey, the Portland flavor presents notes of blueberry and blackberry with a deliciously rich finish – ideal for both sweet and savory eats.

Combining two delightful honeys and a smooth honey dipper, the Oregon Blossom Honey Gift Set is a great way to introduce your friends or even yourself to the delights of raw honey. Each individual set is securely wrapped and arrives presentation ready. In addition, a complimentary card with a message of your choice adds a personal touch.

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