For The Wine Lover in Your Life, This Decanter is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

wine decanter black tie riedel
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* Perfect gift for wine lovers that elevates decanting to a work of art
* Handmade, mouth-blown crystal – each decanter is unique
* Graceful lines conjure sleek, sensual curves of brass instrument

Wine lovers know that the proper decanter not only lets wine breathe and separates out sediment for a clearer, more aromatic and delicious experience, but it also makes an elegant statement for an important occasion.

The Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie Wine Decanter is a handcrafted, mouth-blown work of art made of flawless, impeccably clear Austrian lead crystal. From the graceful curves to the single, slender black accent line that runs along the outside edge, the details elevate this decanter to a true showpiece, celebrating the innate beauty of wine.

Whether you pair this decanter with Riedel’s Sommelier line stemware or have it as a stand-alone piece, the elegant look elevates any table to an extravagant, black tie inspired experience. Standing 16 ½ inches tall, the Black Tie Wine Decanter holds up to 69 ounces of your favorite vintage.

Riedel is world-renowned for its handcrafted stemware and decanters. Its “Sommeliers” line is produced by artisans who use time-honored methods developed 2,000 years ago, combined with state-of-the-art glass technology. The result engages all senses, for an unparalleled experience for wine connoisseurs and aficionados alike. It’s the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion.

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