Never Miss Another Call or Song Title Again While Working Out

iphone wrist holder
Image courtesy Amazon
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* Adjustable wrist protector holds most phones, including iPhone 7
* Swivel attachment allows for portrait and landscape orientation
* Made of lightweight and stretchable Lycra

One of the best things about our smartphones is being able to exercise with them while working out. Listening to music breaks up the monotony of the treadmill and the clang of falling weights. Having the ability to take an important call while at the gym is an added bonus. 

However, one thing that is not as convenient is having to twist your shoulder around and bend your arm to see who’s calling you or what song is playing. Smartphone armbands have not had the most intuitive and efficient of designs. All of that has now changed with Vup’s forearm wristband holder for your smartphone.

Benjamin Andrews
2 months
I found it interesting that you state that by using a cell phone armband you will be...

Benjamin Andrews
2 months
I found it interesting that you state that by using a cell phone armband you will be…
iphone armband holderImage courtesy Amazon

Vup’s smartphone holder is made of breathable, lightweight Lycra that includes elastic bands to hold your smartphone in place. The adjustable wrist guard will fit most anybody’s wrist and the swivel rotation mechanism will move your smartphone back and forth from landscape to portrait positions.

With your smartphone securely attached to your wrist, you can now easily see who’s calling, what song is playing and who emailed you those important documents while you are on a jog or working out. Or, download a fitness app to your phone to easily track your progress while you’re burning off those calories or getting your steps in. With Vup’s comfortable and super secure wristband, your phone — and your pertinent info — is just a quick glance away.

The wristband is adjustable and fits all iPhone, Galaxy and standard cell phone models.

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