No Sweat: Manduka’s Yoga Towel Is Your Solution To Slippery Sun Salutations

A Yoga Mat Towel To Save
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* A hygienic layer for your yoga mat
* Silicone nubs grip the mat for skid-free use
* Fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled polyester

Hot yoga enthusiasts, rejoice. Or, well, anyone who heats up during a serious session of sun salutations. Whatever your style of yoga, there’s usually no getting around a good sweat, which, while great for your body and mind, can sometimes cause a slippery — and potentially hazardous — mat situation.

That’s where Manduka’s Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel comes in. Sized to cover pretty much an entire standard size yoga mat, this skid-saver creates an absorbent, grippy surface for your practice. Silicone nubs dot the bottom of the towel, keeping it securely in place. Yoga Mat Towel Manduka Yogitoes

While it’ll prevent a sweaty slide out of triangle pose, it also doubles up as hygienic layer between you and the mat, a bonus when you don’t have your own mat on-hand. Easily washable, fans of this yoga mat towel have raved about its non-odor retaining powers — a plus for extending its life cycle. That part’s been considered, too: the Yogitoes yoga mat towel has a fabric content that includes eight recycled plastic bottles and 50% recycled polyester.

Available in zen-inducing designs like “Waterfall Midnight” or chakra energizing red tie-dye, Manduka’s towel won’t just help you, but it’ll help the planet, too.

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