Chin Up: The 6 Best Pull-Up Bars For An At-Home Workout

best doorway pull up bars
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* A pull-up bar will do more than just chisel your biceps and back muscles
* No matter your physical strength or condition, all levels can benefit from a pull-up bar
* These models easily fit into any doorway

The idea of installing a dedicated pull-up bar in your home might seem intimidating if you haven’t been going to the gym or participating in some group physical class, but just remember that everyone has to start somewhere. And a pull-bar is a great way to dust those cobwebs off and see results in no time. They say the hardest part of starting anything new is actually starting. Once you’re over that hurdle, the rest is easy.

Check out our six picks for easy to install pull-up bars for at-home workouts.

Pull up Bar
3 months
A good list of pull up bars. Thank you Btw, a doorway pull-up bar is one of...

Pull up Bar
3 months
A good list of pull up bars. Thank you Btw, a doorway pull-up bar is one of…

1. Sport-it Pull-up Bar

If all you’re looking for is a basic doorway pull-up bar, this is it. But don’t let its lack of varying positions and grips fool you – this one is quite versatile. Not only does it allow for wide and close grip pull-ups or chin-ups for those just starting out, but you can also pull this out of the doorway for push-ups, sit-ups and dips. Plus, it comes with a free jump rope.

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2. Pull-up Power Assist Bands

Need a lift? No matter what your skill level, we could all use a little help with our pull-ups once in a while. If you’re just starting out, it might be a good idea to grab these assistance bands to make the first few weeks of getting back into it less frustrating.

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3. Sportneer Pull-up Bar

Looking for something a tad more versatile? The Sportneer pull-up bar offers 12 different grip positions for a mix of exercises to target different muscle groups, in addition to being used for sit-ups, push-ups, and a variety of other exercises.

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4. Ultimate Body Press Ergonomic Joist Mount Bar

If looks matter and you don’t need to move your pull-up bar from one doorway to another, then the Ultimate Body Press Ergonomic Joist Mount Bar checks off both those criteria. Compared to other bars that offer a variety of options for workouts, the Joist is admittedly one-dimensional, but at least it looks good.

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5. Triple Door Gym

If space or looks aren’t an issue, then consider the Triple Door Gym, which easily slides into and out of doorways with no required hardware or drilling and offers 35 different exercises targeting virtually every major muscle group.

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6. Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull-up Bar

A more compact design sets the TK apart from other doorway pull-up bars but unlike some of our other picks, you won’t be doing much more than varied pull-ups.

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