Caring Cushions: The 7 Best Massage Pillows for Relaxation Relief

best massage pillow
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* Decompress after a long day with a massager pillow
* These pillows can relieve stress and improve sleep
* They employ different methods, from heat therapy to acupuncture

In our busy, hectic lives, it’s important to find time to relax and decompress. Before you go to bed, relieve some of that excess stress with a massager pillow. hoose from these diverse choices Spy has to grab the perfect one for your needs.

1. Acupressure Pillow

Modeled after classical acupuncture methods, this pillow can help increase circulation and energy levels, as well as relieve tension and pain in your neck and back. The flower spikes hit 1350 acupressure points, designed to encourage pain relief and happiness hormones in the body, as well as promote sleep aid. Don’t worry – they won’t hurt, either.

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2. Shiatsu Massage Pillow

This pillow is small enough that you can move it to the target area where you need the most decompression, whether it be hips, shoulders or back. It has a built in overheating protection device and automatic 20 minute shut-down, to ensure safety, and the included 3D rotating balls help to relieve pain and tension.

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3. HoMedics Massage Pillow

This massage pillow is encased in a soft plush fabric, complete with a comfort flap, so you can get your desired amount of cushioning. The four rotating nodes are operated with integrated controls, making operation easier.

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4. Orb Massaging Pillow

This pillow require no addition controls or programming — simply lean on it and it begins to vibrate. All it requires is two AA batteries, and then you’re ready to decompress into the soothing vibrations.

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5. Tomight Massager

This massager allows you to program both speed and direction to your desired tastes, as it’s equipped with twelve Shiatsu massager nodes loaded with 24W of power for an intense, deep kneading. It also includes a heating function, as well as a portable, ergonomic handle so you can travel with it.

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6. Nap Massaging Wrap

Why limit yourself to massaging pillows? This neck wrap encases you like a scarf, but it also features built-in vibration, allowing you to adjust the ends for your desired length and positioning. Relieve stress and neck pain, and have a stress-relieving nap. Take it with you on a road trip or on the plane too.

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7. Lower Back Massager Pillow

Cordless, it’s easy to take this pillow with you in the car, the office or simply relaxing at home. Equipped with a rechargeable function, it’s made of a memory foam material so it can mold to suit your back, and help relieve chronic pain.

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