Stop Resisting: The 4 Best Resistance Band Sets Under $20

Best Resistance Band Sets for Home
Image courtesy of Amazon
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* Therapy tool that’s become a mainstream workout essential
* Offers adjustable resistance without joint stress
* Ideal for home gyms or traveling

Resistance bands used to be a therapy tool, but have become a mainstream workout essential because they’re effective, easy to transport for hotel room workouts, and easy to store for compact home gyms. They work by providing resistance like a free weight or a workout machine, but eliminate most of the harmful joint stress.

There are a ton of exercises that can be done with a single band, and increasing the intensity doesn’t require buying heavier weights. Unlike most gym equipment, resistance bands are very cheap, making it a worthwhile purchase even if you don’t use it that often. Below are 4 of the best picks from Amazon, all under $20.

1. Liveup Sports Resistance Band

Liveup’s resistance band features dense foam handles that allow exercises similar to a cable machine or dumbbells, and a tube band that’s offered in different tensions depending on your how much resistance you want. This kind of resistance band is ideal if you’re just looking to do basic movements such as bicep curls or shoulder flys.

Resistance Band Handles Image courtesy of Amazon


2. FREETOO Resistance Band

Although handles make gripping the band easier, you can get a better workout with flat bands and loop bands like this one. It improves grip strength, increases balance, and offers a larger variety of workouts.

Resistance Band Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Super Exercise Band

The Super Exercise Band comes highly recommended on Amazon with almost 400 reviews because people love the large size and high quality. It’s offered in 10 different resistance strengths (X light to XXX heavy), so you can buy one that perfectly fits your fitness level.

Large Resistance Band Image courtesy of Amazon


4. ViggoPro Resistance Band Set (3-Pack)

This ViggoPro resistance band set comes with 3 flat stretch bands and a loop band. The flat stretch bands are great for leg exercises and grip strength, and the loop band gives you even more options for a full workout.

Resistance Band Set Image courtesy of Amazon