A Chair That Will Bring Balance To Your Life

Exercise Ball Chair by Safco Products
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* Improves posture and balance, reduces muscle fatigue
* Helps promote movement throughout the day
* Unique design versatile enough for personal and professional use

Studies show that people spend an average of five hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at their desk. Those numbers put things in perspective. We often forget the importance of office ergonomics, including proper posture and muscle fatigue, as we busily work away.

This “Zenergy” chair adds zip to your seat by providing exercise ball-type movement to help you sit comfortably and encourage better posture and balance. Whether at a meeting or at your desk, keep your mind engaged on your work, instead of on fatigue or lower back pain. The comfortable ball chair provides optimal stability, thanks to its large seat and four, powder-coated steel legs with stationary glides.

Exercise Ball Chair by Safco Products

Designed by Swiss designer Thomas Walser, the anti-burst exercise ball measures 17.5″ with the seat height of 23″ when fully inflated. An air pump is included, so you can keep your ball chair in pristine shape no matter where you take it.

Exercise Ball Chair by Safco Products

As part of the Safco Active line, the Zenergy Ball Chair is smartly designed to promote active movement by engaging core muscle groups to help combat negative effects of inactivity in the office. Aesthetically pleasing and unique, this ball chair is a healthy desk chair alternative that helps increase productivity while reducing musculoskeletal disorders caused by poor ergonomics.

The simple, clean design doesn’t look out of place by your desk either. It’s an easy and subtle way to keep your body and mind engaged while you work away.

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