The Foot Hammock: A Surprisingly Simple Solution To Desk-Related Body Pain

Foot Hammock Basic Support
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* Support lower back, legs and feet during long hours of sitting
* Compatible with most desks and easy to assemble
* Lightweight and packable, making it easy to carry to and from work

If, like most people, you spend hours of your day sitting at a desk, you’ve probably experienced some of the not-so-great downsides, like lower back pain, leg discomfort and even foot swelling. The good news is there’s a simple solution to those aches and pains of modern life: the foot hammock from Basic Support.

Just like it sounds, it’s literally a hammock for your feet: a sling of canvas that easily attaches to most desks in a matter of minutes. An ergonomically-designed, portable cousin to the foot stool, it hangs from two steel hooks that clip to your desk. Non-skid pads hold them in place, so there’s no complicated installation and no damage to your furniture. The hammock can be adjusted for two positions – keep it lowered when you just need a bit of lift while sitting upright, or set it raised to a height that’s parallel to your thighs when more elevation is needed (like when it’s time to kick your feet up and lounge back in your chair for a much-deserved break).

Made from cotton canvas, it’s incredibly light, portable and can be packed up in a minute. Just roll it up and toss it in your bag, certainly a much more discreet and logistically feasible option than carrying around an actual foot stool. Studies have shown that elevation can help decrease stress on your foot and promote circulation, not to mention promote a more relaxed (and less tense) state.

Working hard and sitting long hours can take its toll, so why not take a load off and assure yourself some comfort with the Basic Support foot hammock? Your feet will certainly thank you.

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