Pièce de Résistance: This Headset Uses Neuroscience to Unlock Your Potential

halo sport
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* Neuropriming technology gives you faster, better results
* Repetitive movements are best encoded in the brain’s motor cortex
* Endorsed by professional athletes and musicians

Accelerate your fitness gains with the Halo Sport Headset. Developed by neuroscience doctors, the Halo Sport unlocks your potential by using neuropriming technology to facilitate the mind’s capability to adapt movement-based training.

Halo Sport sets your mind in a state of hyper-plasticity, which is the point at which repetitive movements are best encoded in the brain’s motor cortex. When you wear the Halo Sport for the first 20 minutes of a training session, you become primed for better results over the next hour, leaving you stronger, faster and more skilled.

Halo Sport

So how does it work? Wear the Halo Sport device like a pair of headphones (they also play music like regular headphones). Turn the device on, and it will start using a small electric current via electrodes on the scalp to stimulate specific areas in the brain. Your scalp will feel a slight tingling sensation, which is the Halo Sport prepping your brain for better focus and performance. Take it off after 20 minutes and, the makers say, the rest of your workout or activity will be more efficient and impactful.

Still skeptical? 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Johnson uses the headset, saying “Halo’s doing something that we’ve never seen before, the sports market’s never seen before, and it speaks to exactly what we’re trying to do.”

“Halo Sport makes me fitter, faster,” says CrossFit Champ Camille Leblanc. “I use Halo to train hard, train smart, and refine my skills because perfect practice makes perfect.”

While the push is definitely on athletic training, Halo Sport is also endorsed by musicians who use the device to train their muscle memory for concert performances.

So if you’re looking for a way to get faster, better results, look no further than Halo Sport. This state-of-the-art device is already helping professional athletes and musicians reach the next level. Wouldn’t you like to do the same?

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