Add Country Club Vibes to Your Backyard With This Pro-Quality Putting Green

Starpros' Home Putting Green: Practice Your
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  •  * Kidney shape for challenging practice 
  •  * Non-directional surface 
  •  * Accurately replicates country club green texture 

This 15 foot x 20 foot practice putting green gives you a chance to hone the finer points of your golf game in your own basement or backyard. Cut by high-precision water jet from StarPro’s professional quality Master Practice Turf, this five-hole practice green duplicates the putting speed, rolling resistance and even the feel of an authentic country club green.

Made of 3/4-inch nylon filaments, this putting green is so much like grass you may have to remind yourself not to water it. Most importantly for practice, it accurately replicates how the ball behaves on the green of a championship country club golf course. Great to have if you’re serious about improving your game, it’s also a fun way to pass the time and makes for a great addition to any backyard kitted out for entertaining.

The StarPro Practice Putting Green works great as an icebreaker at barbecues, Fourth of July parties and weekend cook-outs. It’s designed to be durable outdoors, with an 8-year outdoor warranty.

The surface is non-directional, meaning that unlike some practice greens, where the fibers are aligned so the ball will roll more easily in one direction than another– great for playing jokes on your friends, not so great for consistent practice– the StarPro Practice Green lets you putt in either direction with equal speed and resistance. Best of all, the material is engineered to roll out flat and a partially compressible backing even allows it to help smooth out subtle surface irregularities when installed outdoors. The signature kidney shape of the StarPro putting green allows you to practice longer and more challenging putts, too.

The company’s signature StarBall Cup is a target that stops the golf ball from all directions in the 3/4” x regulation 4.25″ hole (no coring a hole needed). It also indicates if the ball is hit right or left of dead center on every single putt.

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