How to Slide Yourself Into Summer Shape

This Slide Board Promises to Get
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* Updated 6-foot long slide makes for better challenge
* Provides low-impact, full body workout 
* Lycra booties included for better stability and grip

Summer bodies are made in the winter they say. Well we are almost a week into spring and if you haven’t started any workout regimen yet, we may have found an ideal product to get you motivated. The Balance 1 Slide Board is a home board to use for sliding exercises and it provides a great, low-impact workout.

While the slide board gives an excellent whole body workout, it is especially great for the lower body and core training. You can get creative and perform other exercises such as flies, shoulder presses, push-up, lunges, mountain climbers and a slew of others that you can easily incorporate into a daily routine. The board is equipped with a uniquely-formulated smooth surface designed to give you the ultimate in results. Included are special Lycra shoe sleeves that are specially made to work with this board and fit snug against your shoes, resulting in the perfect slide to enhance your performance.

The board is made of a smooth and durable material to ensure correct positioning of the feet at the start and finish of every stride and a non-stick bottom that will make sure the board will not move during your workout. While most slide boards top out at 5 feet and under, this one has been updated to 6 feet long, making for an extra challenge and more room to extend your positions.

The slide board is highly portable, will not occupy much room, stores easily and comes with a mesh carry bag so you can carry, roll and go. Enhance your balance, agility and speed while getting your summer body in gear. Never used a slide board before? Here’s a video with a few tips from Balance 1, to get you started.

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