Spalding’s Back Atcha Ball Return Is Your Personal Rebounder

Spalding Basketball back atcha ball return
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* The inexpensive way to raise your game to a new level
* Returns the basketball shot after shot for hours of solitary practice
* No other pieces of equipment necessary—just a ball and hoop

As any young basketball player knows, a person who rebounds for you after practice is an aspiring Kobe Bryant’s best friend. Unfortunately, that loyal friend isn’t always going to be around, and when you’re alone in the gym or under the flickering glow of a dimly lit outdoor b-ball court, you’ll have no choice but to sprint to the hoop to retrieve your basketball after you’ve made a shot time and time again. Or will you? Spalding Basketball’s “Back Atcha Ball Return” says otherwise.

Perfectly lightweight and easy to use, the Back Atcha Ball Return is the fanatical ball-player’s way to sharpen their skills when they’re all by their lonesome. All you have to do is hook the Back Atcha to the lowest piece of the back rim to get started. From there, you just shoot, and every time you make a shot, the ball will fall to the bottom of the net, where the bottom of the Back Atcha will spill it right back to you.

The Back Atcha has the added benefit of acting as your personal shooting coach. If you have a jumper with consistently good rotation, the ball will almost always spin through the net the same way and roll back to you. If you don’t, the ball will sometimes remain caught at the end of the Back Atacha and the net, meaning you’ve still got some work to do as far as improving your shot. But hey, we’re always up for a good challenge.

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