New WhatsApp Update Lets Siri Read Your Messages Out Loud

New WhatsApp Update Lets Siri Read
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* Latest WhatsApp update adds option to let Siri read your messages
* New feature lets you send and receive voice-activated texts
* Available for iOS 10.3 models and up

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying Siri’s popularity. What was once the most basic of voice-recognition apps has turned into something quite remarkable. And now, with the latest iOS update, Siri adds another talking point/notch to her resume by being able to read your WhatsApp messages out loud.

WhatsApp users can give Siri permission to use this new feature by going to their Settings menu and tapping on Siri. From there, simply tap on the Apple Support menu and toggle the WhatsApp icon.

11 months
I want to spy on my your daughters WhatsApp

11 months
I want to spy on my your daughters WhatsApp

Once activated, WhatsApp users can have their messages read aloud simply by saying, “Hey Siri, read my last WhatsApp message.”

In addition to reading your messages aloud, Siri’s also able to compose and send replies without you ever having to tap a single button. As the National Safety Council reports, nearly 330,000 traffic accidents are caused by texting each year, so it’s definitely a nice feature to have — especially when you’re driving.

Note that you’ll need to be running iOS 10.3 or later and using the latest WhatsApp update (2.17.20) to use this new feature.

While Siri may still not be as advanced as, say, Amazon Alexa, new features like these open the door for further advancements.