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Serious Scribes: The 9 Best Tactical Pens for Self Defense and Survival

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* A smart and discreet way to help you stay safe
* Portable flashlights, glass breakers and more
* Choose one that best suits your needs

There’s a whole culture around tactical pens. When used properly, they can be a great survival tool, but in the wrong hands they’re just an ordinary (albeit well-built) pen.

As a multi-use tool, tactical pens are great to have in a pinch. From helping brave the elements to self-defense and more, here are our top 10 picks for the best tactical pens available.

1. Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen

Made with high-quality aircraft aluminum, this discreet tactical pen features a carbide tip glass breaker, attachable clip and a sleek crown head design for an even tighter grip.

Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Atomic Bear SWAT Tactical Pen

Durable but not extra heavy, this perfectly balanced tactical pen includes a ballpoint and a superalloy tip that’s easily able to break through glass. The smart thumb grip is a nice touch.

Atomic Bear SWAT Tactical Pen Image courtesy of Amazon


3. 2cl Direct Tactical Pen Tactical Pen

With a durable anti-rust build and a beautiful ballpoint pen, the 2cl excels as both a writing utensil and a self-defense tool. It also includes an armor-piercing glass tip and a built-in LED flashlight.

2cl Direct Tactical Pen Image courtesy of Amazon


4. TakeFlight LED Tactical Pen

Great for everyday carry, this multi-use pen includes a built-in LED flashlight, emergency glass breaker and a screw-out bottle opener. More than that, it looks positively wicked.

TakeFlight w:LED Tactical Pen Image courtesy of Amazon


5. BellFyd Tactical Pen

Crafted from beautiful tungsten steel, this is one tactical tool that was made to last. It features an extra sharp point, built-in flashlight, wench and it even includes its own bottle opener.

BellFyd Tactical Pen Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Sahara Sailor Tactical Pen

With a built-in LED flashlight, serrated edge, ballpoint tip and attachable clip, the Sahara Sailor is one extremely versatile tactical tool. It’s also one of the more inconspicuous models on this list.

Sahara Sailor Tactical Pen Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Off-Grid Tactical Pen

This super durable pen features an extra heavy build that’s able to easily break through glass and other surfaces. It includes an alloy tip, replaceable ink cartridge and an extra ergonomic anti-slip grip.

Off-Grid Tactical Pen Image courtesy of Amazon


8. WUBEN Tactical Pen

This 3-in-1 tactical pen includes a powerful rechargeable penlight, micro USB charge point and a stunning ballpoint pen. More than that, it includes a durable aluminum build and a powerful tapered steel tip.

WUBEN Tactical Pen Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

This impressive tactical tool includes a tempered steel glass breaker, a durable ink cartridge that works under both wet and dry circumstances and a push-button release system. Great for everyday use or to keep in your pocket in case of emergency.

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen Image courtesy of Amazon

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