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What’s Your Bag? 7 Grown-Up Lunch Boxes to Take to Work

The Best Lunch Boxes for Adults:
Image courtesy of Target
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* Spice up your lunch hour with one of these adult lunch boxes
* It’s not just school children who can rule the cafeteria with an awesome lunch bag
* There’s a lunch box for everyone

Make lunch great again with an adult lunch box. Whether you’re a foodie who wants to maximize capacity, a cat lover who simply can’t show enough feline love or a fashionista who wants to look great carrying lunch to the office, you’ll find something you like on this list.

1. Kitty Cats Lunch Box

With a classic box design, this fully insulated lunch carrier is all about the look. If you love cats, then you’ll love having the hundreds of fresh-faced, smiling cats staring at you while you enjoy your lunch.

best lunch boxes for adults work office cats Image courtesy of Target


2. Igloo Lunch Bag

With two zip compartments, a smaller front pocket and a bottle holder attached to the side, this fully insulated Igloo lunch bag is ideal for carrying your lunch, whether you take it by the top handle or use the removable shoulder strap.

best lunch boxes for adults work igloo office bag Image courtesy of Target


3. Igloo Fashion Leftover Lunch

Possibly the classiest item on our lunchtime list, this Swiss dot lunch tote has enough space for your lunch and a few extra snacks and drinks. The extra long handles allow you to sling it over your shoulder so that you look stylish during your commute.

best lunch boxes for adults work igloo office bag fashion Image courtesy of Target


4. Avengers Lunch Box

From Doctor Strange to Captain America, this lunch box is covered with all of your favorite Marvel super heroes. It has one large main compartment and a smaller zip front pocket to store your meal. Rest easy knowing that if anyone tries to steal to your food, they have to get past The Incredible Hulk first.

best lunch boxes for adults work office Avengers Image courtesy of Target


5. Wildkin Parrot Green Double Decker Lunch Bag

A two-tiered lunch bag provides plenty of space for food. The upper pouch is ideal for fruit, chips, drinks and other loose items, while the lower container is made for your main dish. It has a removable shoulder strap for added convenience.

best lunch boxes for adults work office bag colorful Image courtesy of Target


6. Fit & Fresh Charlotte Lunch Box Set

This lunch box set contains everything you need to keep healthy during your lunch hour. The carry bag comes with three food containers and a freezer pack. The eye-catching design features a zip closure, top handles and a strong wire frame for easier packing.

best lunch boxes for adults work office bag set Image courtesy of Target


7. Thermos 27oz Food Storage Jar

A food lover’s lunch box, this Thermos Food Storage Jar has a 27oz capacity. Boasting a vacuum-insulated storage space, the “jar” can keep your food hot for up to eight hours and cold for for as long as 18 hours. You’ll also find an integrated flip-up handle and wide top for easy filling, cleaning and eating.

best lunch boxes for adults work office thermos jar Image courtesy of Target

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