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Relax in Home State Pride With These State Flag Hammocks

State Flag Hammock
Image courtesy Backcountry.com
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* Lightweight and easy to fold
* Rigging and mounting kit included
* State flag patterns

Show your state pride and enjoy the summer with a state flag hammock. Made of high quality material and designed to be set up in just minutes, this classic hammock lets you rest in comfort outdoors while enjoying the summer breeze. It’s ideal for shade dappled backyards or set it up between palm trees poolside, a great choice if you’re in California.

Available in the state flags of the fifty US states, the Grand Trunk Flag Series Single Hammock lets you celebrate the summer and the outdoors while expressing your state pride. Whether you’re flying California’s Bear Flag, the colors of the Lone Star State or the ancient heraldic family crests that make up the Maryland state flag, this durable and easy-to-carry hammock is a supremely comfortable way to show some home state pride.

The Grand Trunk Single State Flag Hammock even includes a rigging kit that packs all you need to set up the hammock and chill in the breeze. And when you’re ready to pack up and move camp, the state flag hammock folds up to about the length of a football, making it easy to stow and bring with you.

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