Close Shave: Live on the Razor’s Edge With These 4 Shavers

The Best Rated Shavers and Razors
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* Don’t skimp on your shaver – better quality gear means better skin
* New upgrades to both manual and electric shavers
* Solid design with high quality and durability

If you’re looking to clean up and go for a smooth new look, you’ll want to look into these four highly-rated shavers. Whether you go for the latest high-tech electric shavers or prefer to go unplugged and stick with a finely-honed version of the traditional razor, these solid options pair great design with high quality and durability.

1. Parker Safety Razor

The heavy duty Professional Series Parker Safety Razor is designed for the most discerning of shavers. It pairs a weighted stainless steel folding blade holder with a traditional barber shop single or half double blade. A rounded blade holder edge minimizes cuts, while the exceptional balance and handling delivers a smooth, quick and close shave. A professional grade tool for experts, the Parker straight razor is a definite purist’s choice when it comes to grooming.

Parker Safety Razor


2. Shaveology Double-Edged Razor Kit

Packaged in a convenient kit from Shaveology, this luxury double-edged safety razor offers a finely honed traditional shave. Designed primarily for wet shaving, the Shaveology double edge safety razor offers a barber-shop quality shaving experience. The razor’s steel handle is well-weighted and the closed-comb design allows for an amazingly close shave without irritation or razor burn. A cleaning cloth and five additional replacement blades are included.

Shaveology Double Edge Razor Kit


3. Wahl Peanut Professional Trimmer

The Wahl Peanut Professional trimmer and clipper is both compact and versatile, making it a great travel electric shaver. It comes with a useful set of accessories, including four separate comb cutting guides, oil and a brush. Plus, the peanut is an elegant and aesthetically-pleasing electric shaver, with a great ergonomic feel. It delivers a professional grade shave or trim in a stylish, portable package.

electric razor wahl


4. Phillips Norelco Aquatec Wet and Dry Shaver

This Phillips Norelco Gentle Precision Aquatec wet and dry shaver is consistently ranked among the top performing electric shavers particularly for sensitive skin. It features a precision five-directional blade system along with unique comfort rings with a micro bead coating said to reduce friction and promote a smooth, irritation-free shave. The Aquatec is also wet and dry safe, letting you shave in the shower or out.

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