We Don’t Live in a Yellow Submarine, But Your Contacts Can

This Cute Contact Lens Case Will
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* Fun contact lens case in the design of a yellow submarine
* Eye catching case is great for kids, adults and Beatles fans alike
* Leak-proof lids with ‘R’ and ‘L’ marked barrels

Whether you’re a massive fan of the Beatles or you just want to add some color to your contact lens storage, this Kikkerland yellow submarine contact lens case is a great change from the more functional design.

Inspired by the Beatles’ timeless classic, “Yellow Submarine,” this quirky little case sports a detailed design, which includes a 2D periscope, propeller and two port holes. These function as the two individual lens holders.

Both the port holes unscrew, and each features a grey plastic over it to complete the fun submarine look. These quality containers are leak proof and marked with an ‘L’ and ‘R’ to indicate where the left and right contact lenses belong, allowing you to submerge your contacts in confidence.

The small size and brightly colored yellow plastic case is great for travel. It would certainly be hard to misplace such a hard-to-miss case.

A fun twist on the standard design, this eye-catching case is a great way to get children into looking after their lenses and adding a fun element to the cleaning process. For Beatles fans, the constant reminder of the classic song is sure to cause a smile every morning and evening.

With its unique design and leak-proof caps, this playful Kikkerland contact case is an inexpensive answer to the old boring drug-store designs, and a sure way to get you singing, “We all live in a yellow submarine” every morning and night.

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