Turn Back Time With This Face Massager’s Ultrasonic Powers

This Face Massager From La Goodwin
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* Cordless design so you can take it with you anywhere
* Four settings to clean, de-puff, lift or refine skin
* Ultrasonic sound waves, light therapy and negative ions fights aging

Ultrasonic sound waves, light therapy and negative ion technology may sound more like the plot highlights of a sci-fi thriller, but actually, they’re just some of the features you’ll find in La Goodwin’s face massager. Whereas once you had to wait weeks for an appointment at the dermatologist or med spa to access these types of treatments, in the brave new world of beauty, brands like La Goodwin now make devices like their face massager for use at home.

The sleek gold massager uses ultrasonic sound waves to gently stimulate collagen beneath the skin’s surface, promoting more cell turnover and a younger looking appearance. Negative ion technology helps skin better absorb and metabolize beauty products like cleansers and moisturizers, and finally, yellow light, chosen for its wavelength, aims to reduce discoloration from age and sun damage.

Face Massager La Goodwin Ultrasonic

The multi-tasking continues with the massager’s four settings of Clean, Refine, Moist and Sonic. The settings are decidely self-explanatory: use the “Clean” setting with your regular facial cleanser to penetrate deeper in your pores. “Refine” and “Sonic” will help zap dark spots and give your skin a youthful lift and glow, while “Moist” ups the power of your moisturizer through ionic technology.

Its cordless design means you can pack the massager and bring it with you wherever you go, great for travel or even a quick refresh when you can’t make it straight home after spin class. So save yourself the long wait for a session with hottest derm in town, because the future of beauty is here, and it fits right in the palm of your hand.

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