These PUMA High-Tops Hit the Streets With Monaco GP-Inspired Style

Puma High Top Men's Ankle Boots:
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* Features signature Ferrari crest
* Lightweight and form-fitting style
* Rubber soles help reduce walking fatigue

PUMA has enjoyed a huge resurgence lately and these slick PUMA high-tops are a great example of why. Melding contemporary style with cutting-edge tech, these men’s performance shoes are part of the brand’s acclaimed Ferrari Family line. They feature an ankle boot shape and clean lines inspired by Moto racing shoes. And like the shoes made famous by F1 racing drivers, these PUMAs blend high performance with high style, effortlessly combining fashion and function.

Breathable, light and form-fitting Lycra textile uppers give these shoes flexibility and comfort, while durable rubber soles add protection and bounce for long distance walking without arch fatigue. The backs of the shoes feature a unique, stylish mesh cage design that incorporates the famous prancing horse Ferrari crest.

PUMA has done great things with their racing-inspired shoes, and these high-tops show that their track expertise translates to excellence in the world of more casual footwear too. Available in signature Ferrari colors of black or red, these ankle boot-styled walking shoes are super light, with a shipping weight of only 8 oz. and yet offer structured support and versatile, flexible style, whether for walking around town or hitting the gym.

And, fittingly for a design that draws heavily on its Ferrari brand heritage, these PUMA sneakers make truly excellent driving shoes, letting your right foot clearly and deftly modulate the brake and throttle, and giving your left foot plenty of fine control for the clutch during heel-and-toe downshifting. Their effortless closing system and clean overall shape also bear witness to PUMAs technical innovation.

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