SPY Guide: 6 Best T-Shirts From Uniqlo’s Star Wars Collection

* Uniqlo collaborates with artists to create new capsule collection of Star Wars T-shirts
* Limited edition series of unisex shirts
* Ideal for both collectors and casual fans

Star Wars is back and bigger than ever. Just recently, acclaimed director Ron Howard stepped in to direct the new Han Solo movies, making headlines. Just as before, the films’ wide reach in box office, news and all else is overflowing into many other sectors, including the fashion industry.

However, translating the imaginative, captivating genius of Star Wars into clothing hasn’t proved easy for brands, but we think Uniqlo (the pioneer of creative collaborations) has finally produced Star Wars clothing that lives up to its name. This new line of T-shirts has something for both movie fans and fashion enthusiasts alike, and we identified these 6 as the best of the bunch.

1. Reflective Droids Tee

This T-shirt depicts the franchise’s main droids, R2D2 and C3PO, standing large on a shaded background. This T-shirt also has a hidden reflective feature when lit-up in the dark.

Image courtesy Uniqlo


2. Stormtrooper Tee

This white T-shirt, illustrated by Geoff McFetridge, shows a group of stormtroopers on the front above a small Star Wars logo, and a small stormtrooper helmet on the sleeve.

Image courtesy Uniqlo


3. X-Wing Tee

By artist James Jarvis, this black T-shirt shows an X-wing fighter and his signature little man exclaiming, “look at the size of that thing!”

Image courtesy Uniqlo


4. Darth Vader Helmet Tee

This Geoff McFetridge black T-shirt shows a small Darth Vader helmet on the shirt pocket, and features two tiny fighters on the back near the hem. An apt choice for the sci-fi minimalist. 

Image courtesy Uniqlo


5. Lightsaber Tee

This gray T-shirt shows James Jarvis’s character holding a lightsaber and mimicking its uniquely recognizable sound.

Image courtesy Uniqlo


6. Darth Vader Tee

Also by Geoff McFetridge, this white T-shirt shows a simple hand-drawn Darth Vader looking up at whoever you’re talking to. It’s a simple, straight-forward yet bold graphic tee.

Image courtesy Uniqlo


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