Dip Into Elegance With These Marni Drop Earrings

drop earrings by Marni
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* Classic Italian drop earring style 
* Refined tortoiseshell and resin material 
* Balanced look between on-trend and timeless 

Styled in Milan, these beautiful tortoiseshell earrings from Marni are a unique high-style accent piece and go equally well with stylish casual everyday wear and with more formal looks for special occasions.

Feminine yet spare, they’re composed of tortoiseshell horn, gold-tone metals and red resin, and feature an approximately four-inch drop. They aren’t overwhelming, but they do make a statement. Recalling mid-century modern design and pop-art, these drop earrings combine traditional elegance and the natural-looking appeal of organic tortoiseshell with a contemporary and artful design. Gold-tone metal fittings set off the red resin with an impression of warmth and easy, confident style.

marni earrings

These Marni earrings make a great gift for a loved one, presenting a look that is both uniquely Italian and broadly cosmopolitan.

The design of earrings is often subject to rapidly changing trends and shifts in style, so it’s rare to see a set that actually looks and feels like it can be both on-trend and timeless at the same time. The tortoiseshell drop earrings from Marni, with their subdued yet stylish design, are the perfect balance.

They’re also the perfect size for a set of earrings designed to make a statement; big enough to be eye catching and add some formal appeal to a plain, blank slate sort of look, yet not so big as to completely get in the way of life and make it look like your earlobes are doing a Crossfit routine.

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