Pièce de Résistance: These High Heel Mules Deliver a Metallic Mashup

No 21 Glittered 100mm Mule Sandal
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* Mixed silver & gold fabric upper
* Covered 4-inch heel with a low platform
* Made in Italy

When it comes to investing in metallic footwear, the perennial question persists: silver or gold? Rather than fret over which shiny style will dominate future seasons, why not capture them both? That way you can enjoy the shoes no matter what turn the trends take, or which accessories you want to wear that day.

Case in point: The Glittered 100mm Mule Sandal. A mashup of glittering silver and gold fabric comprises the upper of these heels. A sculptural pleated vamp strap makes a strong statement, while the signature bow tells the style savvy that these shoes come from N°21 designer Alessandro dell’Acqua.

No. 21 Glittered 100mm Mule Sandal

Wear them with jeans and a white blouse for casual drinks for your soon-to-be special someone, or dress them up with a wrap dress and cuff bracelets for summer weddings. However you style these slide-on sandals, they’re certain to be a favorite from now until Labor Day, when all your peep toes go back in the closet.

Founded by Alessandro dell’Acqua in 2010, N°21 is named for the designer’s birthday — and lucky number. The line incorporates dell’Acqua’s expertise at knitwear with an androgynous perspective that mixes feminine and masculine shapes and fabrics to create a new proposal for the modern woman.

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