Tea Time: 10 Products to Elevate Your Afternoon Tea Ritual

10 Ways to Elevate Your Tea
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* Matcha, loose leaf or bagged: products for every preference
* Tools for brewing your best cup, hot or iced
* Vessels and drinkware to refine your next tea service

Fortunes have been made, cultural cues created and even a revolution started all in the name of tea. While your relationship to a single beverage may not feature this level of drama, it certainly doesn’t require any to uphold its enjoyment. Here, we’ve pulled together 10 key products that’ll elevate any afternoon tea ritual, whether you like it iced, loose leaf or brewed from a bag.

1. Fusion Zen Loose Leaf Tea Strainer Steeper Infuser

Tea in its highest form comes loose-leaf, so to keep things from getting messy, pick up a few of these stainless steel tea infusers. They’ll create less waste than disposable paper tea bags, too.

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2. BambooWorx Japanese Matcha Tea Set

High-quality matcha powder doesn’t come cheap, so investing in the right preparation tools is key to preserving flavor integrity. A must-have is a bamboo tea whisk and scoop, the former to create lump-free matcha with excellent crema, and the latter to measure out the exact amount of powder. The kit seen here comes with both, plus a spoon for stirring any settled matcha.

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3. Tea Forte KATI Single Cup Loose Tea Brewing System

There’s nothing sadder than having to throw out a pot of tea that’s gone cold, so side-step that problem by picking up a tea infuser sized for a single cup. Tea Forte’s KATI design includes a pretty, cherry-blossom print ceramic cup with an infuser that’s sized to perfectly fit within it.

Forte Cherry Blossoms Tea Infuser Image Courtesy of Amazon


4. B&S FEEL Small Bamboo Tea Tray

Treat yourself to a tea break that goes beyond a paper cup at your desk. This scroll-shaped bamboo tray will turn your daily cuppa into an elegant personal tea ceremony, plus it has a key practical purpose: Protecting your surfaces from heat and liquid.

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5. Paisley And Floral Glass Tea Infuser Carafes Set Of 2

Enjoying a cup of tea on the go just got a lot better looking thanks to this gorgeous paisley and floral tea infuser carafe set. Both brew hot or iced tea and keeps it at optimal temperatures through double-walled insulation. The removable strainers and airtight lids make brewing easy anywhere.

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6. Randomgrounds Bamboo Tea Box Storage Organizer

Cut through the confusion of half-consumed, open boxes of various teas in your pantry with this simple, minimal organizer. It features 8 adjustable compartments for storing tea bags and a clear acrylic lid so you can easily see its contents.

random grounds tea organizer Image Courtesy of Amazon


7. Fiji Teacups And Saucers, Set Of 4

Bring fun and color to your next tea service tablescape with this charming set of four cups and saucers. While the lively tropical fauna designs may look delicate, they’re actually painted onto dish and microwave-safe earthenware.

fiji tea cups Image Courtesy of World Market


8. Copper Gooseneck Spout Coffee And Tea Kettle

If you enjoy coffee just as much as tea, then this kettle will be your most versatile workhorse. The slender gooseneck spout and curved handle allow for superior control for pour-over coffee and tea alike, while its gracious looks make it table-ready for entertaining.

copper gooseneck kettle Image Courtesy of World Market


9. Capresso Iced Tea Maker

Capresso’s Iced Tea Maker is a machine that serves up iced tea with a garnish of instant gratification – it cuts out the hours of cooling time typically involved with cold tea and comes equipped with functions for controlling the strength of your bagged or loose-leaf brew.

Capresso Iced Tea Maker Image Courtesy of Amazon


10. Pukka Home Porcelain Tea Sets British Royal Series

It doesn’t get more classic than this: a full tea set complete with creamer, sugar bowl, pot, cups and matching saucers. Gift it or get it, it’ll bring refined beauty to any home.

British Royal Porcelain Tea Set Image Courtesy of Amazon

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