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Grind Down: The 6 Best Salt and Pepper Grinders Under $15

best pepper grinders
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* Different styles for different kitchen decor
* Affordable and elegant enough to display on your table or counter
* Vintage and modern winners; makes great housewarming gifts too

Here are some fresh alternatives to the old fashioned shakers you grew up with. These modern salt and pepper grinders add zip and zing to any kitchen or table.

And while they’ll make you feel like a gourmet chef, you don’t have to pay gourmet prices for them. (They make a great housewarming gift too). Here are six of the best-reviewed new grinders on Amazon.

1. Eunion Portable One Hand Grinder

Thumbs up for this modern, stainless steel little grinder. It can be easily operated by one hand and is compact for easy travel and storage. It makes for the ideal mini kitchen mate.cooking


2. Premium Grind Dual Salt and Pepper Grinder

A real conversation starter in the kitchen, this is one of the most versatile pepper grinders on the market. It can be used for many types of peppercorns, salts and seeds. It makes a great gift for any foodie you fancy. And, fits nicely in your lunchbox.cooking


3. LOHAS Glass Salt or Pepper Grinder

The LOHAS Glass Salt or Pepper Grinder is a stylish and elegant way to spice up your kitchen. It features high quality glass with an acrylic cover. It has a dial to adjust the size of your grind. And unlike other grinders, the grinding mechanism is in the top of the grinder, ensuring the salt and pepper end up only in your food and not all over the table.cooking


4. Powstro Pepper Mill Oak Wood Grinder

This grinder features a classic ergonomic, streamlined wood body just like you’d find at finer restaurants. But, it’s sized for your kitchen thanks to its adjustable settings for fine and coarse grinding, easy to use rotor, and beautiful oak finish.cooking


5. DIAMKITCHEN Himalayan Spice Mill Pair

This DIAMKITCHEN Stainless Steel Himalayan Spice Mill Pair lets you grind salt, pepper and other seasonings with ease. It’s made of the highest quality, rust-proof stainless steel and won’t clog or jam. Looks super presentable on the table too.cooking


6. Bazaar Anatolia Spice Grinder

Grind everything from salt and pepper to coriander, cardamom, mustard, cumin and more with this Turkish Spice Grinder. It features corrugated rollers for a more even grind size. It has a cast body and blades. And, the vintage Ottoman style will get plenty of attention. Could be why it makes such a great gift.cooking

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