Vanity Fair: 8 Creative Ways to Organize Your Beauty Collection

how to organize beauty products
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* 8 handy items to organize your beauty collection
* A great for mix of style and utility for your beauty display
* Uses unrelated household items to conquer your beauty storage conundrums

It’s impressive how large a home makeup collection can become. With palettes, nail polishes and styling tools, keeping everything organized – let alone presentable – can be a daunting  task.

To counter this common beauty collection problem, here you’ll find 8 creative ways to use common items to store and display your beauty supplies. Ever thought of using a shoe organizer to rid yourself of a drawer full of tangled straighteners? How about a candy jar for your colorful nail shades? Take a look below and get inspired to redecorate your bathroom counter.

1. Misslo Over The Door Shoe Organizer

Instead of keeping all of your hair sprays, brushes and other styling tools hidden and stacked in your drawers, why not try an over-the-door shoe organizer? With 24 roomy mesh pockets, you’ll have plenty of room to keep each of your styling items within easy access. This trick will save you from having to locate and untangle your corded items each time you want to use them. 

makeup organizer creative ways to store beauty collection over the door shoe rack Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Better Houseware Multi-Purpose Organizer

It may do a fine job of sorting your daily mail, but this multi-purpose organizer is a great way to keep your makeup palettes tidy and easily accessible. Instead of having to search through a Jenga-like stack, enjoy an easily viewed collection. This sorting tool will also helps you maintain the discipline of keeping all your palettes in one place instead of strewn across your room.

makeup organizer creative ways to store beauty collection letter magazine palettes Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Estilo Stainless Steel Lazy Susan

Forget knocking everything on your bathroom shelf over when you need a bottle from the back with the help of a rotating spice rack. Keep your moisturizer, serums, and perfume bottles beautifully displayed on this Estilo Lazy Susan. Not only does it minimize the amount of space your skincare items need, the stainless steel construction also makes cleaning your collection a breeze. The double shelf with a raised rim helps to keep everything in a concentrated place instead of strewn across your bathroom or vanity.

makeup organizer creative ways to store beauty collection spice rack Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Anchor Penny Candy Jar

By storing your nail polish in the Anchor Penny Candy Jar, you’ll find locating the color polish you’re after a lot easier, and the window-shopping-like display creates an interesting countertop piece that doubles as decor. Plus, it will keep less visited colors fresh in your mind, allowing for some daring nail decisions. As with any good candy shop display, the jars are great for keeping alongside one another in a row, allowing for additional storage of other items like lipsticks and hair clips

makeup organizer creative ways to store beauty collection candy jar Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Ball Quart Jar Set

Whether you’re a portrait artist, decorator or makeup artist, the knowledge that jars make great storage vessels for brushes, sponges and other handy items is well established. With enough room for plenty of your tools, the jars can be left open for easy access or sealed off with a lid for a tidy appearance. 

makeup organizer creative ways to store beauty collection ball jars Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Gold and Marble Pedestal Stand

Fine perfume deserves to be displayed on a stand worthy of its stature. If you’re not sure what a worthy stand looks like, try searching for a chic cake stand. Instead of keeping your luxury perfume away in cupboards or drawers, this gold and marble number allows you to show off your collection and gives you the opportunity to glance through all your options each morning. This shelved stand features a beautiful marble display layer which is supported by a gold metal stand. For those who have a truly extensive range, a second, larger nesting stand is also available.

makeup organizer creative ways to store beauty collection marble gold cake stand Image courtesy of World Market


7. Carson Multi-Use Shelf

If you find yourself striving for more space on your counters, try wall mounting your beauty collection. The Carson Multi-Use Shelf allows you to store your items in an easily viewed display while saving your surface space. If you’re worried about the makeup store-esque look it may create, keep it fresh by mixing in green plants and funky pictures for a functional, yet organization-friendly arrangement.

makeup organizer creative ways to store beauty collection wall shelf rose gold Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


8. HollyHOME 3-Tier Metal Utility Service Cart

Do you have a large beauty collection? The HollyHOME service cart is great for keeping your makeup and hair products all in one place. And, with its multi-direction wheels and push handle, it means that “one place” can move to wherever you need it. The three shelf design also allows you to organize your collection as it works best for you. Furthermore, the height of the cart means the shelves are able to accommodate most tall bottles, which is a very handy feature.

makeup organizer creative ways to store beauty collection rolling utility cart Image courtesy of Amazon