Rear Reach: 5 Best Extended Cables For Back Seat Charging

Extended Reach: 5 Best Cables For
Image courtesy of Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon
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* Extra-long charging cables for easier charges
* Handy cables make it easier to stay connected on the go
* Ditch your mini cables and snag one of these instead

Don’t you just hate it when you’re out and need to charge your phone but your cable’s only a few feet long? Maybe you’re in an Uber  or Lyft but can’t charge your phone because your dinky cable is too short.

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve done the legwork and found five handy charging cables with extra-long cords. We have cables for every type of device, from iPhones to the Samsung Galaxy, tablets to cameras.

1. Fasgear Micro USB Cable

With transmission speeds of 480M, these lightning cables feature a faster, smarter charging speed. More than that, they also come with a handy 10-foot cord for more convenient charging on the go. The all-metal charging head helps keep your cable safe from corrosion. Works with Androids, Samsung phones, Sony and HTC devices, and more.

Fasgear Micro USB Cable Image courtesy of Amazon


2. EZOPower Micro-USB Cable

Looking for a handy phone charger with a little more reach? You’re in luck. The EZP micro-USB cable comes with an impressive 10-foot cable to help make it easier for you to charge your devices anywhere, anytime. Works with Samsung, HTC, LG and other micro-USB-compatible devices.

EZOPower Micro-USB Cable Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Xcords USB Type C Cable

Able to accommodate all your long-distance charging needs, this cable pack features two 10-foot chargers that are able to fit all USB C devices. A sturdy shell and built-in metal layer help keep your devices from overheating. Works with Galaxy S8, Note, Google Pixel and LG models.

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4. Cablex iPhone Charger

What’s better than one iPhone charger? How about five of them? With a generous six-foot cable, these lightning chargers make it easier to charge your phone from afar. Plus, they come with an impressive 12-month warranty. Works with most iPhone and iPad devices.

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5. Xcords iPhone Charger

This three-pack comes with high-quality iPhone chargers with copper wires and slim connector slots made to fit most iPhone models. Best of all, they all include 10-foot cords, so you can charge easier while keeping your devices safe. Works with most iPhones and iPads.

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