#BlurryFilter: 5 Ways To Clean The Camera On Your Phone

how to clean phone camera
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* Solutions to get rid of an unwanted filter on your phone photos
* Tips to help bring back the photo quality of a new-feeling phone
* Great for cameras, projectors and other optics too

Nothing ruins an Instagramable moment like going to take a photo with your phone and noticing the unwanted #filter of a dirty or smudged lens. Phone cameras, of course, have a harder time keeping clean than other kinds of cameras, and if you’ve noticed a subtle drop off in the quality of your phone photos, you may think it’s a perceptual bias caused by seeing how dazzling new iPhone pics can be, but it’s probably also dirt on your lens.

Here are five ways to clean up that smartphone camera and bring back those 8 megapixels of glory.

1. Moment Lens Pen

You might remember the lens pens that used to come in bundles with camcorders and SLR cameras; this is just like that, and in a size that makes it a great tool for cleaning the smudges off a smartphone lens.

Moment Lens Pen Courtesy Amazon

2. Screen Wipes

These screen cleaner wipes work equally well on screens and camera lenses, including those of iPhone cameras. They’re made of soft cloth for a scuff-free shine, and as a bonus they’re antibacterial too.

Dirty Phone screen and lens wipes Courtesy Amazon

3. Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes

Coming pre-moistened with a smartphone camera-lens safe mild cleaning solution, these wipes smoothly get rid of dirt, dust and even grease smudges.

Moistened Lens Wipes Courtesy Amazon

4. Koala Kloth Microfiber Wipes

In addition to having the cutest packaging, these Koala Kloth wipes benefit from an ultra-soft fine grain microfiber composition that makes them as good at cleaning lenses as Koalas are at eating eucalyptus and napping.

Koala Kloth Wipes Courtesy Amazon

5. Camera Lens Cleaning Kit

For the ultimate in terms of all-in-one lens cleaning solutions, this professional SLR and cinema lens cleaning set may seem like overkill for your smartphone lens, but the same high-quality lens pen, microfiber cloth and air duster works great for cleaning your phone’s camera lens and keeping things like charge-ports and screens looking brand new as well. It’s also great to have around for your actual camera, plus it works on projectors and pretty much anything else that has a lens, too. Not your eyes, though. Don’t try that.

Lens Cleaning Kit Courtesy Amazon

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