Strip Tease: The 5 Best-Selling Power Strips On Amazon

power strip
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* Surge and non-surge protection options
* AC power with USB ports
* Different color options to match your home decor

Seems like every day we’re adding a new electronic device to our collection. More gadgets requires more plugs. So, you can never have too many power strips. But, are they all created equal? Definitely not. Here are the 5 best we found on Amazon, all back by solid reviews and performance.

1. iClever BoostStrip Smart Power Strip

This ain’t your grandpappy’s power strip. The iClever BoostStrip Smart Power Strip delivers 1250W rated power with 3 AC outlets and 4 USB ports. Great for a home office or TV set up.

best power strip Image Courtesy of Amazon


2. TROND Prime II Mountable Surge Protector

TROND Prime II turns a regular power outlet into a 4-port smart USB charging hub with 4 additional AC outlets, eliminating the need for multiple chargers. Each port auto-detects your devices and maximizes the fastest possible charge speed. And, keyhole slots make it easy to mount to your desk, workbench or wherever you need.

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3. Jackyled Power Strip Tower

The Jackyled Power Strip Tower hooks you up with a whopping 10 power outlets and 4 USB ports. It’s also surge and overload-protected and lightning-proof. The innovative tower design also takes up less floor or surface space.

power strip Image Courtesy of Amazon


4. HOLSEM Power Strip Surge Protector

The HOLSEM gives you a little bit of everything. It has 8 AC outlets, 2 USB ports, and a 6-foot extension cord that lets you reach a little further. It’s ideal for your entire desk device setup. And, the surge protection feature protects them all.

best power strip Image Courtesy of Amazon


5. Holsem Power Strip Surge Protector, Black

Looking for something a little more subtle? The HOLSEM also comes in discreet black. It has all the great features of the white one, including extra roomy ports, plus its slim design lets it slide under cabinets and entertainment units easily.

best power strip Image Courtesy of Amazon

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