Tile’s Freshly Updated Tracker Has Insane 200-ft Range, And It’s Already Discounted on Amazon

tile sport Bluetooth tracker
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Whether you’re a busy parent or are just prone to chronically losing things when you need them the most, The Tile Bluetooth Tracker is a life-changing device. Now, the popular gadget has received an impressive update. Find out more about the new features from Boy Genius Report and shop below:

From BGR:
Tile’s various Bluetooth trackers are among the best in the business. Of that there is no question. They’re also among the priciest in the business though, which is why lower-cost alternatives have become so popular recently. Not every Tile rival includes all of the features that make Tile’s trackers so popular though, and the company’s newly updated Tile Sport Anything Finder  is a perfect reminder. Most Bluetooth trackers require the user to be within about 30 to 50 feet in order to locate the Bluetooth tag, but the Tile Sport works from up to 200 feet away. That kind of performance comes at a price, but Amazon has a killer sale going right now on Tile Sport 4-packs that drops the price to about $18 a piece. Definitely get in on the action while you still can.

tile key finder amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

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