I Used To Always Worry About Losing My Stuff Until I Started Using This $12 Tracker

nonda aiko bluetooth tracker
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If your the type of person who is constantly loosing track of your keys or phone but have become frustrated with the Tile’s battery life limitations, Boy Genius Report has an affordable alternative you need to check out. Find out more from BGR and shop below:

From BGR:
Tile is the biggest name in Bluetooth finders, but it’s certainly not the only name. In fact, there’s a great alternative you’ve probably never heard of, and it addresses the biggest complaint everyone has about Tile trackers. When the battery on a Tile dies, you have no choice but to throw it in the garbage and buy a new one. That’s right, it’s not rechargeable and you can’t replace the batteries. Meanwhile, when the battery on a Nonda AIKO Finder dies, just plug it into the wall or a USB port on your computer and it’ll recharge in no time. 4-packs of AIKO Finders are on sale on Amazon right now, dropping the price to just $11.89 a piece. Definitely check them out.

nondo AIKO finder amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Another impressive selling point? This tracker has up to a month battery life so you won’t have to worry about having to recharge the device constantly. You can also use the device’s “Community Search” to allow non-nonda users to help find lost items.

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