Why Buy $159 AirPods When You Can Get Cord-Free Earbuds That Actually Stay in Your Ears For $40?

smartomi cord-free earbuds
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The Apple AirPods are a great pair of wireless headphones, but they come with a steep price tag. Boy Genius Report has found a similar pair of quality cord-free earbuds for a fraction of the cost. Find out more from BGR and shop below:

From BGR:
AirPods are great. We love AirPods. The price actually isn’t bad at all compared to comparable products from other top brands, and the sound quality is fantastic… sort of. AirPods indeed produce terrific sound with deep bass, but you can only hear it while they maintain a good seal in your ear canals. Because they’re made of smooth plastic, however, that seal always breaks after a few minutes. Check out the SmartOmi Q5 True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Unlike AirPods, these have silicone tips so they’ll actually keep a seal in your ears and isolate sound the entire time you’re wearing them.

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These earbuds are great for workouts and running thanks to their light-weight  design. They’re also equipped with an 8mm built-in microphone that allows for clear calls for you and the recipient, making them a great option for video conferencing and business calls. You can also mute and unmute your microphone during a call by double pressing MFB of the left earbud once. They feature snap pairing and superior connection stability as well,  and are compatible with all Bluetooth devices such as iPhone 7 / 7plus, 8 / 8s plus, X , S8, SE, Android cellphones, tablets or TVs enabled with Bluetooth receivers.

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