Our Readers Agree: These $40 Bluetooth Earbuds Sound Better Than AirPods

bluetooth headphones vava
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There’s no denying that the Apple AirPods take the cake when it comes to unrivaled audio quality and ergonomic design. But Boy Genius Report has found an alternative pair of Bluetooth earbuds for just $40 that are up to par with the AirPod’s sound quality and comfort. Find out more from BGR and shop below:

From BGR:
A couple of weeks ago we penned a post in which we explained why we finally ditched our beloved AirPods. Long story short, they slick plastic tips don’t stay snug in your ears, so the sound isolating seal is constantly broken and sound quality suffers. We also told you about the earbuds that have replaced our AirPods, the new VAVA MOOV 25 Bluetooth Headphones. They’re fantastic, offering sound quality, design, and battery life that are much better than you might think based on their $40 price tag. Did we say $40?

vava headphones amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

These headphones are ideal for working out thanks to their comfortable feel, secure fit and ergonomic design. Suitable for most workouts and outdoor exercise, these headphones won’t slip out of your ear when you’re moving or cause irritation with extended use. They’re also equipped with magnetic backings, which allow them to stay put around your neck and prevent you from loosing them when you’re not using them.


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