SPY Guide: 6 Chic Alternatives To Warby Parker

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* The best places to shop for glasses online
* These sites include prescription lenses in the price
* High-quality glasses delivered in as little as 24 hours

Warby Parker changed the eyewear game when they introduced their online-focused, home-try-on model back in 2010. They also backed up this new business model with stylish, high quality glasses at a competitive price that included frames and lenses. Plus, Warby Parker uses a “buy one, give one” initiative, so when you purchase a pair of glasses, you’re also paying for a pair for someone in need.

Two-Tone Glasses Warby Parker Image courtesy of Warby Parker
6 months
I appreciate that the author wrote this article. As a fellow retailer of glasses online, I would…

6 months
I appreciate that the author wrote this article. As a fellow retailer of glasses online, I would...

But Warby Parker is no longer the only eyewear company providing quality glasses at an all-inclusive price (currently $95+). Other brands have sprouted up, giving Warby a run for their money by offering different styles, and in some cases, even lower prices. Check out these up-and-coming brands below, and score a great deal on your next pair of sunglasses or prescription frames.

1. Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical offers a huge selection of frames at a $20-$30 price point. They have a focus on modern, stylish frames, like this moss-colored pair below.

Green Glasses Prescription Image courtesy of Zenni Optical


2. Glasses USA

We like Glasses USA because their website features an advanced virtual try-on platform, so you can see how you look in different styles without waiting for shipping or going to a store.

Black Glasses Rectangle Image courtesy of GlassesUSA.com


3. EyebuyDirect

Prescription sunglasses used to get very expensive very fast, but the market has (finally) changed for the better. You can now get stylish sunglasses like these from EyeBuyDirect with you own prescription for just $69.

Ray-Ban Alternatives Image courtesy of EyeBuyDirect


4. Coastal

Coastal utilizes the direct-to-consumer model to offer prescription eyewear at incredibly low prices. Plus, right now they’re doing a buy one, get one free deal, so you don’t have to pick a favorite.

Square Glasses Coastal Image courtesy of Coastal


5. Goggles4U

Another brand offering super low prices is Goggles4U. We recommend these minimal, classic rectangle frames for a sophisticated office look that’s at once retro and modern.

Stylish Prescription Glasses Image courtesy of Goggles4U


6. Overnight Glasses

Overnight Glasses is pretty self-explanatory: you get prescription glasses made and delivered in as little as 24 hours. It’s a life-saver when you lose or break your glasses, and need a new pair ASAP. These ones won’t break the bank either at just $52.

Brown Glasses Prescription Image courtesy of Overnight Glasses

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