The 5 Best Adjustable Desktop Shelves For Small Spaces & Dorm Rooms

Best Adjustable Bookshelves For Small Spaces
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* Compact desk shelves for studios, dorm rooms, and small spaces
* Organize your books and belongings with these smart designs
* Expandable and collapsible options for easy storage 

It is said that a clutter-free house can promote a clutter-free mind. In a tiny work space, dorm room, or studio apartment, it is even more important to keep organized to avoid clutter from taking over. After all, a stress-free environment is a productive environment. Below are some great adjustable bookshelf storage options that can help you stay organized while making the most of the limited space you have.

1. Desktop Organizer

The Jerry & Maggie Desktop Organizer is made of natural wood, has a flat surface and sturdy construct. Store, organize and clean up your desktop and workstation with this lightweight, non-toxic storage shelf. Perfect for placing office supplies, documents, book and plants, this stylish yet functional shelf will make sitting at your desk something to look forward to again.

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2. Expandable Desktop Bookshelf

Another organizational option is this expandable desktop bookshelf by MyGift that is ideal for storing your favorite books and magazines. This tabletop bookshelf is ideal to fit on your desk, or anywhere extra storage is needed due to its adjustable width. Contemporary in style, this piece will fit in perfectly in whatever room or space you choose to put it.

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3. Wood Desktop Organizer

For those who prefer a slightly more modern home decor style, this adjustable, rustic desktop storage shelf by MyGift is a great way to keep organized. Made of natural wood, it features two separate pieces that be pushed close together to create a small shelf rack or pulled further apart to create a longer shelf. Suitable for any office or kitchen area, this organizer also makes a great place to store any excess beauty products that you might need close at hand.

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4.  DIY Storage Cubes

The Jaketen modular storage cubes are made to be incredibly versatile, easy to install and can be assembled in an array of different ways to suit different spaces. This set includes 9 pieces that can hold everything from shoes, clothes, children’s toys, books or crafts that can be attached together into a variety of shapes that works for your individual space.

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5. Bamboo Wood Organizer

This sustainable bamboo wood desk organizer is not only a great storage piece, but it’s also pleasant to the eye. The organizer is perfect for any office, desk or table that needs some clearing, and it comes fully assembled and ready to fill. With space for storing books or magazines, keys, bills and any small essentials you have, this organizer keeps them all contained and right where you need them.

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