How to Clean Your Microwave (And Prevent it From Getting Dirty Again)

how to clean microwave
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* Stubborn microwave grime can be both tough and awkward to clean
* These effective dirt-removers make cleaning your appliance easier
* Products include a steam cleaner, degreaser spray and a cleaning volcano

Dirt and grime inside a microwave is hard to avoid. Whether it’s a miscalculation of power or time, you’ve likely suffered an in-microwave explosion or a mishap when moving food in and out. Thus, microwave stains and grime are a problem that almost every homeowner has overcome.

Take a look at these effective products for getting your microwave squeaky clean. Forget the stress and strain of scrubbing away for hours and enjoy the ease of letting these handy products do the work for you.

1. Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser

Wave goodbye to the food splatter inside your microwave as you spray them with the Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser. Capable of breaking down even the toughest and most unrecognizable of food remnants, you’ll love this fast-acting formula that leaves the inside of the microwave sparkling. This degreaser can also be used on kitchen surfaces, baked on grease and any other stuck-on food.

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2. Angry Mama Microwave Steam Cleaner

Why do the hard work when you can just let Angry Mama do it for you? This dangerous-chemical free, angry lady uses nothing more than a mix of vinegar, water and the power of your microwave to loosen the unpleasant build up of crud inside your microwave. Simply fill Angry Mama’s head with liquid (and a splash of lemon for a pleasant smell) and watch as she cuts your microwave cleaning time in half.

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3. Vented Microwave Splatter Guard

One way to prevent your microwave from ever becoming dirty is to travel back in time. Another is to use the Vented Microwave Splatter Guard. This simple plastic cover is 10.5 inches in diameter and ideal for covering most standard dinner plates. It’s also dishwasher-safe and easily cleaned in water. So, instead of having to struggle to reach every spot in the microwave, you can easily clean this guard instead.

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4. Kitchen Gizmo Eruption Disruption Microwave Cleaner

It’s usually bowls of soup that provide mess-ensuing eruptions inside the microwave, but with the Kitchen Gizmo Microwave Cleaner, it doesn’t need to be that way. This volcano-shaped cleaning device uses its very own eruption to clean the grime away. All it needs is a mix of water and vinegar (and a touch of lemon for a fresh smell) along with 7 minutes in the microwave. Then, you’ll find the insides can be easily wiped clean, saving you time and hassle.

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5. Sienna Visio Multi-Use Steam Cleaner

This professional-quality steamer is the ideal answer to tough stains and grime that refuses to leave your microwave interiors. With its attractive violet exterior, the multi-use cleaner is ideal for microwaves, countertops, windows, stovetops and more. Once filled and turned on, the effective cleaner produces 212-degree heat to remove even the toughest stains.

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