12 Embarrassing Products You Should Be Buying Online

embarrassing things to buy online
Mandatory Credit: Photo by RelaxImages/REX/Shutterstock
Mandatory Credit: Photo by RelaxImages/REX/Shutterstock
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* Products you should start buying online
* Get them delivered discreetly through Walgreens
* Condoms, diarrhea relief, and more embarrassing items

There’s some self-care items that almost everyone has to buy at some point (condoms, rash cream, and cold sore treatment to name a few). While there’s no need to feel ashamed about purchasing these things, it can be downright embarrassing to have these things rung up by a drugstore cashier.

Instead, save yourself the awkward checkout process and try ordering them from Walgreens online. It’s more convenient and much more discreet than trying to sneak into your local store with a baseball cap and hoodie to avoid being caught in the act. Here’s some of the most embarrassing items that you should start buying online.

Ron Ablang
1 year
When I was younger I used to get embarrassed thinking about what people might think of me....
mark wells
1 year
are they cheaper online, I doubt it, if anything they would cost you more. I wouldn't care...

Ron Ablang
1 year
When I was younger I used to get embarrassed thinking about what people might think of me….
mark wells
1 year
are they cheaper online, I doubt it, if anything they would cost you more. I wouldn’t care…

1. Diarrhea Relief

Unlike a cold, a bad case of diarrhea makes it impossible to go about your day. This easy $7 relief stops the…flow… and also helps calm an upset stomach.

Diarrhea Relief Medicine Image courtesy of Walgreens


2. Florasone Itch & Rash Cream

Rash cream is a household essential, but buying it can be awkward – especially if the rash you’re trying to treat is visible. Instead, get it delivered to have on standby.

Itch and Rash Cremes Medicine Image courtesy of Walgreens


3. Personal Lubricant

McLovin may have given lube a bad wrap in Superbad, but it’s actually not a bad idea to have some in your bedside drawer.

Lube Bottle Astroglide Image courtesy of Walgreens


4. Preparation Hemorrhoidal Cream

If you’re already dealing with hemorrhoids, the last thing you want to do is go out and buy the treatment cream. Instead, order this one online to have at the ready. It provides fast, soothing relief from the pain that accompanies hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoidal Medicine Cream Image courtesy of Walgreens


5. Trojan Condoms

You wouldn’t just tell a drug store cashier and everyone else in line “I will be having sex tonight,” but that’s what it feels like you buy condoms in person. Ordering them online is much easier, and allows you to shop around without getting any looks.

Condoms Trojan Image courtesy of Walgreens


6. First Response Pregnancy Test

Some people wait weeks or months to share pregnancy news, so ordering the test discreetly is a no-brainer. First Response is one of the best tests for early detection and accurate readings.

Early Detection Pregnancy Test Image courtesy of Walgreens


7. Adult Diapers

Incontinence is an annoying issue to have to deal with. There’s no reason to make it worse by going through the degrading process of buying adult diapers in person when you can get them discreetly delivered to your doorstep.

Adult Diapers Image courtesy of Walgreens


8. Cold Sore Treatment

Even though many people suffer from cold sores, it’s still awkward to buy treatment products at your local drugstore. Next time you feel a lump in your lip, order some of this Orajel treatment from Walgreens.

Cold Sore Treatment Orajel Image courtesy of Walgreens


9. Toenail Fungus Remover

Toenail fungus remover is near the top of our list because it’s not like buying condoms or lube – everyone has sex, but not everyone has toenail fungus. If you have some to deal with, spare yourself the embarrassment and order the remover online.

Nail Fungus Remover Treatment Image courtesy of Walgreens


10. Head Lice Removal Kit

Buying lice remover in person isn’t just awkward, it’s also dangerous because you can easily spread it to others. If you or your kids have head lice, quarantine yourself and order this removal kit from Walgreens ASAP.

Head Lice Remover Kit Image courtesy of Walgreens


11. Male Libido Supplements

Male libido supplements and ED medication is a multi-billion dollar business for a reason, but it’s still very embarrassing to buy in person. If you need it, order it online to ensure total discretion.

Male Libido Supplements Black Stallion Image courtesy of Walgreens


12. Home HIV Test

If you’re sexually active, you may want to be testing regularly for HIV, but the important testing kit is definitely one of the most embarrassing things to buy at your local store. The embarrassment of buying it probably stops some people from buying it altogether. Needless to say, this is one to order online.

HIV Test Kit Image courtesy of Walgreens